Welcome to SOL FIT Project.

Here you will find all types of information for a healthier and hopefully, happier lifestyle.  We have a no BS rule so you can rest easy knowing the information here is all about what works vs. what’s a load of crap.

WE thought it was about time someone laid it out straight.  Our goal is to provide you with any and all information you actually seek with facts in hand.

What exactly is SOL FIT PROJECT?

SOL FIT Project was founded by Cameron Sulsona in 2017 with the simple goal of providing genuine information about Life, Nutrition, Fitness, aka health.

However, SOL FIT Project is much more than a workout routine, funny quotes, discussions on cooking, or a diet regiment. It’s a powerful statement for the betterment of each individual that WE want you to wear proudly like a shield.  We hope you are ready for a incredible adventure with us! …continue reading


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These statements are what we hold dear.  They are what guides us when we are lost and unsure where to go in life, fitness and business.

If your thinking is pretty similar, we encourage you to share this idea. Together, the possibilities of human capabilities, are endless.


To use a science-based approach for exceptional, functional, and practical programs for all aspects of Life, Nutrition, and Fitness without nonsense.


(We exist): To inspire others to make one healthy change at a time by implementing simple, effective solutions for their lifestyle.

*OUR HERO’s JOURNEY: One small change —> Leads to a new habit —> Can produce a lifestyle change.

Core Values:

  1. Knowledge is Free.  Our time is $.  Unless it requires us to take time out of our day and specifically be devoted to the individual, group, or event, it stays free.  General plans, tips, tricks, etc.
  2. No BS. Means, simplicity at its finest using exercise and nutritional elements that are proven to work, have scientific grounds and not gimmicks.
  3. Master the Foundations. Crawl, walk, run, then fly!
  4. Take action by focusing on impact while creating fantastic adventures for brighter futures.
  5. Give forward, hold ourselves accountable for our actions, and TOGETHER, we can make change happen.