Monday Morning Freshness (#1) – I am ME?

Welcome to the first ever edition of Monday Morning Freshness! I’m pretty pumped to get this series going for you guys and always open to hear feedback from you. Feel free to contact me or comment on the post and we can start up a conversation together. Let me know what you like, don’t like or want to hear more on. Without further ado, here is the FIRST EVER, Monday Morning Freshness. Enjoy!

Most of us, scratch that, I’m guessing pretty much all of us dread the Monday Morning Blues. The weekend of fun is over and the workweek is upon you. It’s not even 10am yet and you already feel overworked, overwhelmed, underpaid and the air is stale.

Well, unfortunately I cannot increase your pay or finish your work for you. What I can do though, is open up your WINDOW and provide you with a FRESH prospective and FRESH ideas each Monday on different and up-to-date topics.  My goal is to share with you stories, tips, tricks, and anything in between to make sure your week starts off right and can finish strong.


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I thought it best to start off the first ever Monday Morning Freshness with one of the freshest, fresh things you could possibly do and that is… write your declaration to yourself for the world. What do I mean by this?

I’m talking about writing a Fresh affirmation to yourself. So, you can either read it each morning, as I do, when you are feeling overwhelmed, when you are super stressed, or when everything is actually going right. Each time you read it, you will hopefully be reminded of your deepest roots to remain grounded while spreading your wings and allowing yourself to fly free.

“I think this is one of the best exercises anyone can do.”

There is no right time or wrong time to read it.   At the simplest level possible, my affirmation allows me to remember who and what I am.  I use it as the perfect aid when I need a confidence boost due to feeling overwhelmed.  Like a wind gust for a kite, it takes me higher than I was before.  It reminds me that I am human but can do many, many great things.

Here’s mine and I hope you enjoy it.


I am Me


I am Me,

I am the best version of Me

without Me, I am nothing

with Me, I am everything

Because I am Me.

I am Me,

I will continue to be Me

I will flush out the doubts within Me

because I can only ever be Me &

I completely trust in Me

I may not always understand the process or find a solution at the present moment, but I know if I take my time and listen close, the path to follow will undoubtedly shine through Me.

I promise to never be satisfied until I’m done and as a student of life, I will never consider myself an expert at anything. I will never show fear only transmit it to my opponent because…

I am the best version of Me

without Me, I am nothing

with Me, I am everything

because I am Me.


Use this if you want because I am happy to share it with you and others. If you have a spark and want to make your own affirmation, feel free to share it with me. I think this is one of the best exercises anyone can do.

To close out this first ever edition of Monday Morning Freshness, I must give credit to Jenny King, Facebook: @thejennyking, website – ( ). She is the one who told me to do this affirmation project when I was having trouble finding out who I am but look how it has transpired now. I encourage you to follow her and reach out to her if you have any questions or are ready to start a similar path.   Thank you Jenny and thank you for reading.


See you on Friday for What Lifted-Up My Sol this week.


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