What Lifted-Up My Sol This Week?

Here we are!


Welcome to the first interview edition of What Lifted-Up My Sol This Week. The first guest I’m going to interview is… ME! That’s right, me.


The reason I wanted to interview myself first is because I want you all to know about an up-in-coming project I’m working on. This not only involves the immediate community I serve, but a much larger one as well.

What is this crazy, never before heard of project?! How will it benefit you? How will it add value to your life? Do you know the muffin man? These are all great questions. These questions, plus more, will be answered over the next few weeks. For now, I want to give you the inside scoop on what’s to come.


The Good Stuff.

This week I want to keep the details straight forward and leave further discussion for us to talk about on the comment board.


My community project is simple: get as many people up, off the sofa and as active as possible while making health conscious decisions daily. I understand some people don’t want to go to the gym daily, weekly or ever, for that matter.


Being active doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym. Being active means you are constantly moving. Whether it’s through gardening, taking a walk with the dog, playing with your children or grandchildren, cleaning the house, or working on the car. All of these things get you up and moving.


The fact of the matter is, whether we think we are independent or not, as humans, we love interactions and it is these interactions that make our days so special. It’s why we hate going to the movies alone. It’s why we say we need a gym buddy to help us through our workout. It’s even why you feel better when eating something terrible for you because you now feel less guilty eating the whole Oreo pie when you share that experience with someone else.


“I want to connect with all different types of people throughout the world. I want…”


How will I do this?

I wanted to create something that was easy, travel friendly, and possible for anyone. I’m offering live and recorded workouts that you can do from anywhere! You can do these in a hotel room while you’re traveling or at home in your living room or garage.


Many people feel when they can’t make it to the gym, they can’t do a workout.. FALSE! This program gives you options to workout whenever you have time. This program works for everyone, those of you who have a gym membership and those who don’t.


I want to connect with all different types of people throughout the world. I want to understand what you are struggling with and be able to help you on your journey, as others have helped me on mine.


This is the gift I want to give to you, to be apart of a much larger community and movement. Not just the immediate one you live in, but a global experience with people just like you, going through the same struggles as you are.


How does this make you feel?  The idea of online training isn’t new. There are tons of things out there with the same basic concept. Where we differ will be in our value to you. Our accountability provided to you. Some of the ideas we are working with are incredible and I can’t wait to unveil the whole thing to each of you very soon!

Let me know if you think this would be interesting to you by leaving a comment, e-mail or connecting with me through social media.  Would you participate? Would you like to exercise from your home with quick workouts?  Where do you struggle with nutrition?  How can we make changes together?



*Please don’t forget, before starting any exercise or diet routine you should consult with a health care provider. It’s definitely a good idea to also do a PAR-Q evaluation. It’s a short form and can be done and downloaded online by you.


Be sure to check back on Monday because I will be following this post up with a Fresh Look at are you actually getting enough exercise? The answer may shock you.


As always leave a comment or message me via social media or e-mail so we can get this conversation going!


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