Monday Morning Freshness – Break Time!

Tired of Spending 30 minutes on the treadmill and feel like you’re getting no where?
Hello all! There’s no typical Monday Morning Freshness this week and I will also be taking a few weeks off from writing due to certification testing and some much needed traveling.  BUT, I refuse to leave you guys empty handed!
First, let me say I have gotten incredible feedback from the little bit of information I have put out there so far and I can’t wait to share much, much more with you. You all are truly amazing!

When The SOLT FIT Project comes back it will be with the launch of our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, our website and a few new faces. What will all of this entail?  Well, I you’ll just have to wait and see!
I will still be pushing some content to you so, be on the lookout for great tips, recipes, motivation, and how-to videos and anything in between. Today is no exception to this.
I want you to check out The Tim Ferris Show podcast today, The One-Minute Workout Designed by Scientists – Dr. Martin Gibala.  Spoil alert, the whole process is a little longer than a minute but the principal is that small, concise workouts can, in fact, work wonders for overall health improvements.
This is the route The SOL FIT Project is heading! Maximal workouts with minimal equipment and time.
They speak about Tabata and interval training, as well as, the importance of recovery days and how science shows us which ways are optimal for results.  The infamous burpee is discussed as potentially the single best exercise you can do.  Dr Gibala also has a personal opinion about current cardio regulations and gives a whole new perspective of how he suggests you can get better adaptations in shorter amounts of time.
Some of the information can get a little nerdy but they explain it well.  Give this podcast a listen and let me know what you think.
Let’s get this conversation going.  Leave a comment and share if you like!

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