In your mid 20’s to early 30’s and scared S!@#LESS? I know I am.

WHY YOU’RE Shit Out of Luck! –

I’m back in action and here to tell you not always what you want to hear but what you need to here.  Although, can we quickly talk about being scared shitless? Where did that come from and does it mean you have no S!@#’s to give or just plain and simple you release all that you have within because you are so scared… Any who, enough being gross…  On with the SHOW!

Most of us lie to ourselves everyday. We say we know exactly who we are and what we’re doing. When our friends ask how we are, instead of being honest with them, we say, “Just Great,” because we want everyone else to think our fairytale came true. We pump ourselves up so we can get through another workweek because it pays the bills. Most of us opted for a quick job after high school or college and started trying to fit in with the work environment and climb the corporate ladder.

OR… Who knows, maybe you’re like me and kept going back to school looking for validation from more degrees to please your family and make a resume look better. Because I can tell you one thing to quote Pirates Of The Caribbean, “…The more we gave away… The drink would not satisfy…” meaning you can’t find validation in things if you can’t first give yourself validation from within.

The best description I can give is with this Will Ferrel 17s video on You Tube.

As kids, we were weird and cherished every second we had.   We wore crazy clothes, which most of the time (if our parents let us) probably didn’t match each other, ate bugs (I didn’t but I’m not judging haha), and had crazy toys we took everywhere.  Some people had imaginary friends, dared to color outside the lines, and even jumped in lakes, which seems crazy now because everyone is scared of brain eating amoebas.
You didn’t care what was cool, what others thought of you, you just acted upon what you knew was YOU! And you were awesome at being YOU.  At what point did we start letting others assume control over us and censor ourself instead of doing what we KNOW is us?  This is why I believe we feel so SOL sometimes.  Just like Robin Williams playing Peter Pan in the movie Hooke forgot how to fly, we have forgotten how to be US and how to be truly unique.


 Even as I write this now I am fighting with myself thinking, “Man, is my mom going to be upset I wrote SHIT for others to read.” Well, that’s exactly why I highlighted it because it’s time to let that go. (Love you mom!)

If I could give advice to my younger self it would be simple, taken from the old cliché, Fake it until you make it. However, I would change it to, Fake it until you make it, then step up your faking game. What we are never told as younger kids is that all of us now as adults are always faking it. We are making it up as we go and just doing what we think is best.

“Man, is my mom going to be upset I wrote SHIT for others to read.”

We get stuck in ruts for various things but quite possibly, could it be as simple as, You forgot how to be you? Instead of standing out at work, school, or social media you jumped right into being average. You decided to play it safe and be “boring” as Seth Godin says so often. He states that being boring or normal and playing it safe can actually be the opposite affect for your business or resume. If you don’t stand out, who will find you?

Have you been trying to get land a great job and not had any luck? What about getting that big promotion at work? Did you ever think it’s because on paper, you’re just boring and maybe you just simply forgot how to be YOU and stand out?

I now realize I absolutely forgot who I was until about 2 weeks ago.  I knew I had been transforming but ultimately did not actually know who I was until then.  I wish I could tell you it was like a bolt of lightning striking me in the head but it wasn’t.  What happened to me, like most other things that truly last, was small changes over the past few months.  I slowly started realizing a pattern in myself that I did not like.  A pattern that had to be broken.


So I started by making one small change –> From this change I formed a habit –> From this habit I then formed a lifestyle change which is the whole reason for making any change.  This is what I wish for you.  To experience this satisfaction of seeing a small change form into a lifestyle.  Some people may have the lightbulb or lightning bolt effect but for me, it wasn’t so.  Even without it, I was still able to make a change and am now happier than I have been in a long time.

Are you tired of being S.O.L. all the time?  Make your small change today and stop making excuses!  Tell someone what your change is.  It won’t be easy but if it were, what’s the point?  Telling others will only further motivate you to actually do it!  Now, stop reading and GO, make your change today!



Seth Godin:

2 thoughts on “In your mid 20’s to early 30’s and scared S!@#LESS? I know I am.

  1. Love the post and agree with your message! Forming a habit out of just one small change at a time can lead to such an improved lifestyle! I wrote a similar post on my blog called “One Habit Can Change Your Entire Life.” Check it out some time!

    Glad to see that y’all are doing well 🙂 Can’t wait to read more posts!!

    1. I appreciate the comment! You’re killing it on blogr. You’ve got some great posts! I’ll check this out for sure!

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