Is your egg actually healthy? (1 min)

-Did you know?

Did you know the type of yolk in the egg could possibly tell you the actual diet the hen ate? Although it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with nutritional value, if the yolk is dark yellow — then the hen was probably fed green vegetables.

A medium-yellow yolk would indicate a diet of corn and alfalfa while a light-yellow yolk could be the result of eating wheat and barley.  You can find out more from Life Hack HERE .


Eggs contain a high quality protein, all 9 EAAs (essential amino acids), and have zero sugar, but they do contain high amounts of cholesterol (CHO). Depending on your research and doctor, this amount of dietary (CHO) may or may not actually matter. We each at The SFP eat about a dozen farm-fresh, grass fed eggs a piece per week.

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Picture Credit: Simply Recipes

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