Blog: Your Weekend of Gainz? (3 min read, click here)

Are you so good during the week but let your guard down on the weekend?  A small “cheat” meal is perfectly fine but don’t go overboard or you could be on the wrong end of the spectrum for your GAINZ Bruh!

Here’s 3 quick tips to help we use to get through our weekends.

1.) Reservations: Going, going, gone.

Do you ever just start driving and assume someone you’re with will eventually pick somewhere to eat?  I do this all the time.  What ends up happening is usually the greasiest, worse possible choice for someone trying to eat healthy or clean is picked.

If you plan on going out to eat this weekend pick a venue ahead of time and check out their online menu.

By planning ahead and seeing what your favorite meal actually costs in calories can put into perspective what you should actually be eating.  Try using MyFitnessPal or another app to track it.

2.) BUTTER, It’s what’s for dinner.

When ordering your food ask them to skip the butter on everything and go light on the oil when preparing anything from your protein to your veggies.

Having worked at different restaurants in the past, I can promise you the reason your steaks you cook at home don’t always taste as good is likely the results of tons and tons of butter.  Mix that tons of butter with another ton of vegetable oil and you could seriously be increasing your calories in that meal.

Not to mention all the vegetable oil could be just wreaking havoc on your digestive system but that’s a conversation for another day!

3.) CHIPS: The Gateway Drug

Skip the chips, bread, or anything else free they offer for you to munch on.

As soon as you sit down at a restaurant that offers one of these free items just say we don’t want any _______ before they even have a chance to drop them off.

Especially if you are really hungry, instead of getting your protein and greens in your going to let your guard down and start munching on those salty chips.

Once you do that, all bets are off.  Normally if I give in to the chips, I order something else greasy or extra cheesy that I know I shouldn’t.  Afterwards, I’ll get the sugar crash and feel like crap from all the grease.

Takeaway:  Make sure to log your meal before you go to the restaurant, skip the butter and light on the oil, and pass on the freebies!  Small amounts of extra calories add up very quickly when eating out which can lead to the bad kind of gainz, which we don’t want at all.

Hope this helps.  Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


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