How Can Motivational Factors Influence Your Workouts? (4min, Click Here)

Getting some pre-workout or your favorite tunes is an excellent way to get into the right mind set and crush all of your previous PR’s.  If you rely too heavily on these things though, eventually, you’re going to find yourself in a tremendous rut.  And the thing you were once so excited to do can turn into the things you dread the most.

This can be relatable to really anything from reading a book, morning coffee run, or a night out with friends.  For instance, if you always have to get drinks to hang out with friends, you are relying on the external factor of an altered mindset to actually have fun with your friends (emphasis on always and not occasionally).  Best #Margarita EVER 0.17’ !!!!!

Going back to exercise, if you rely on the “high” of pre-workout or your tunes to get you pumped each day, you are setting yourself up for failure.  Why? Because eventually the high will where off and believe me, it happens to everyone.

Your favorite playlist will turn into an awkward noise you make in disbelief and say something like, “This song again!”  (Insert angry face emoji)  You’ve seen the Instagram pic before.  It’s the person with a sad face on the treadmill telling you they aren’t motivated today and should have stayed in bed.  (#badmojo)

Your favorite supplement will stop giving you the “jacked-up” feeling, most likely because of a built up tolerance to caffeine, among other things.  What once took you half a scoop to feel like you could lift up the world now takes you 3 scoops to get out of bed which I nor you cardiologist would recommend.  (#CFo’-no-mo’)

How am I so sure?  Because I’ve done this so many times Before.  It starts with I can’t find the perfect playlist.  Different supplements will stop giving me the “jacked-up” feeling, most likely because I had hit my tolerance level.  It  starts to manifest into my workouts drastically.  I won’t go as hard or lift as much as I normally would. My good days turn into a lot of stretching and talking.


It brings to mind the question, do you really need any of that stuff?  I get asked all the time from beginners what should I take?  I’ll tell you what I tell them, absolutely nothing, besides whole foods and water.  (#hydrate).

The last thing I want is someone new worrying about which supplements to take or which whey protein is the best.  Figuring out the basics of hydration and whole foods is where life-long changes will be made.  Start there first.  A pill or powder are only going to further exacerbate the external reward factor.

To break my habit and create change, I had to completely switch-up my mindset and find my motivation again.  After a few weeks of searching and reestablishing my goals, it all clicked for me.  Now, when I workout I could care less what music is on.  Most of the time I have a podcast on so I am maximizing my time.  (#1-small-change)

One Small Change –> Habit –> Life-Style

I wouldn’t have dreamed a year ago I could listen to someone talk while I was lifting but heck, if you have a lifting buddy that’s what you’re doing 90% of the time.  The other 10% you put on Taylor Swift for that extra push right? (I kid, I kid… but seriously?)Although I will say, I still consume some caffeine and BCAAs before working out just because caffeine has been shown to help with exercise-induced asthma and the BCAAs help with the muscle breakdown and repair process.


Takeaway: Find and reestablish your INTERNAL goals and motivation from time to time.  If you rely too heavily on your buddy, supplements, or tunes to pump you up, you’re setting yourself up for failure.  Find something you love to do to stay active and think of things for long-term success, as well as, short-term.Now, Get Moving & Do Something Great Today!


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