Did You Know? St. Patrick’s Day Edition!  (2 min) 

Typically we stay on the health and wellness agenda with our blog but today we thought it would be fun to go with the holiday theme and get you some interesting conversational pieces for tonight.  While you’re having a green beer with friends, impress them with these fun facts and see what they think.

1.) St. Patrick wasn’t 🚫 Irish.

That’s right folks, his parents were apparently Roman citizens and he was actually born in Wales 🐉.  Although the holiday is an Irish holiday, it actually is a celebration of his life rather than his birth, meaning March 17th is when St. Patrick died.


2.) St. Patrick’s color was actually blue 🔵 and not green 🍀.
He is depicted in artwork wearing blue but green eventually became associated with the holiday.   Ireland’s nickname is “The Emerald Isle” so it is thought this is why St. Patrick’s color was changed from blue to green.
Remember to have fun responsibly tonight and make sure to get up and get moving throughout the day!  This will help make sure any drinks consumed tonight are already accounted for in your workout before hand.

Have a fantastic day everyone!


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