Opportunity’s Knocking, But I Can’t Hear Her!

When one door closes, another will open.



Well, in my experience normally when one door closes, the next three slap you in the face and then trip down some stairs… BUT! Yes, eventually the next door will open, even if you have to Walker Texas Ranger Kick the door just to get it to slightly crack open.

I imagine most people, like myself, assume this door will just magically appear as if it was hiding in a giant wardrobe waiting to be discovered.  Once stumbling upon it, all we will need to do is gently turn the knob and open the door to walk in.

In actuality, it’s not like this at all.  We have to be like paleontologists and dig & dig & dig hoping, one day, to find our complete dinosaur.  We have to spend hours, days, weeks, maybe even months digging until we finally come across something that resembles our door.

Our door(s) can be elusive though and sometimes not even present itself as a door at all.  Sometimes we will be ready and other time we won’t which, is even more frustrating.  You have to always be prepared for whoever your door will manifest itself to you.

My quest for you: Find your door.

What is your door?  What does it look like? Is it a new job opportunity?  Is it a hobby or new interest to try?  Is it a vacation or maybe a complete relocation?  Maybe you’re an entrepreneur just hoping to come across any door of worth.

Whichever door you are hoping to discover, don’t give up.  Keep digging and make sure above all else you are absolutely ready to do everything you can to open the door once you stumble upon it.

Make sure you’ve left no stone unturned throughout your digging and are ready for anything and everything.  If you are not ready to do this, is it really worth pursing in the first place?

Have a Fantastic Day Everyone!


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