Can’t Miss Out On This APP!

You can’t miss out on this!

If you workout, at all or even plan on it again, and haven’t heard of this app, I’m about to change your whole workout experience with this app.


Fit Radio is its name (not to be confused with iFITT which is a coaching app), and you need to trust me on this one, go download it right now to start your free trial!  Don’t waste another second reading this, just go to the app store and download.  You can thank me later.


If you’re still unsure then here’s the overview.  You can still select any genre you want but unlike other apps this music app is based solely for the purpose of getting you pumped up and ready to go.  If you workout anywhere at home, in the garage, go for a run, at an actual gym or just enjoy music, then this is the app for you.

Fit Radio also allows you to search select the type of workout you are about to accomplish.  They have the basics covered like pumping iron, Crossfit, kickboxing, yoga, to stair stepping and much, much more.  You can also use the running tab to let it match music to your pace or you can manually select a running pace for the music to go with.
I personally just put it on the EDM or Trap station when working out and it’s awesome.  I showed it to Erin who uses Pandora or 8 Tracks apps but now only uses Fit Radio.
The free trial is 7 or 30 days depending on how you would like the subscription base to run after that.  The 7 day trial is for month-to-month which will only run you $3.99/month.  I opted for the 30-day trial which will then be a one-time payment of $29.99 after it’s over.  I’m all about saving money so I’ll take the extra $18.IMG_5121
Groupon also had a deal for $18 for the year but it sold out.  Sorry I didn’t get this out sooner :/ .  Either way I feel it’s still worth it but let me know what you think.

Is this app worth it for the money or not?  What do you listen to while you workout?  What apps do you use?

Let’s get this conversation started!

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