Cha Cha Cha Chia… Seeds That Is. (2 min)

Yesterday was National Chia Seed Day but I bet you didn’t hear much about it due to yesterday also being National Puppy Day.  I didn’t figure with all the great pics of puppies streaming, many would be interested in chia seeds. (haha)

What are Chia Seeds?

Salvia hispanica seeds or Chia Seeds are considered a superfood and part of the mint family of plants.  Chia seeds are high in fiber, have antioxidant properties, has benefits if consumed during pregnancy and are a great source of omega-3’s.  The omega-3 content is around 4900mg which is amazing.  In comparison, per 4oz serving of sockeye salmon, you are getting about 1100-1300mg of omega-3 content.

They are also known as the warrior or runners seed because Aztec warriors consumed the seeds to give them energy and endurance before battle.  The word chia actually means strength in Mayan language.

Chia seeds may also help or be as effective as using a sports drink during exercise.  One study gave 6 subjects either a sports drink mix or a 1/2 sports drink and half chia seeds mix.  The results showed no significant difference between the two groups after testing for a 1-hour run at 65% of VO2 max and a 10k run two weeks later.


Next time before you head to the gym grab a handful of these bad boys and see how it affects your performance.  Just think you’re also cutting out all of the sugar you would otherwise be consuming.

1.) Nutrient Value

2 TBSP DRY (~28g or 1 once)
Fiber = 11g
Protein = ~ 4g
Fat = 9g

Source of Manganese, Magnesium, Phosphorus, calcium

2.) Raw Vs. Soaked (Sprouted)

You don’t have to soak to consume them but it seems to be a good idea just like doing so with quinoa or lentils.  Soaking them will sprout the seeds and release the enzyme inhibitors inside which protect the seed.

This will make digesting these bad boys much easier and allow the body to absorb the nutrients inside the seed as well.  Sources say you can make a gel like substance with soaking in as little as 10 minutes.  I tend to leave them in overnight and use the next day.  They should be able to last up to 5 days in the fridge.

3.) What to do with Chia Seeds

Add them to a shake, salad, or anything really.  If you soak them, the gel consistency can be a little strange at first but, to me, they don’t really taste like anything so adding them to my morning veggie shake is great.  I will even just eat them plain a good bit of the time after letting them soak overnight.

Photo Credit: Chia Seeds

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