Everyday Erin – 4/6/17 (4 min,)

Hey everyone 🙂

This past week I mentioned to you on the SOL FIT Project’s Facebook Page I was going to buckle down and get back on the right nutrition track.  In that video I showed you where I am currently, physically.  Emotionally is a whole other story for another post (haha jk jk).

Honestly, it took a lot for me to show you my “true” self on camera, but it’s important for you to see what has happened and what can happen if you don’t pay attention to or care what you put in your body.

I weighed myself on Sunday and was 157 as a 5 foot 4 inch tall girl.  I usually don’t focus on weight, just how clothes feel and how I feel in general BUT when I get over 150 that’s when things are bad for me.

I have fluctuated weight my entire life.  Before, I had an unrealistic goal of 130, but I want to have muscle and be fit and healthy, not skinny.

A healthy weight for me is usually around 140.  So, 157 is the heaviest I’ve been in two years.  That’s when I first moved to Myrtle Beach by myself and basically just drank wine and ate Ben and Jerry’s!

For the past few months I have been making A LOT of excuses when it comes to eating right and eating one too many pastries.  I have to admit pop tarts are one of my weaknesses and they’re one of the worst things for you.  I know you’re all thinking, WHY?!  They just are soooooo great with a nice big cup of coffee 🙂

I’ve used the excuse of having family visit, traveling, and vacation. I t’s fine to indulge and enjoy yourself in MODERATION, not all the time.

Don’t worry, I’ll have another segment on “cheats” but what I found works the best for me is saving my cravings for a cheat meal or a cheat day.  It’s a necessary part to staying on track because it’s something to look forward to.


I decided now is the perfect time to show you all what has happened over the past couple of months and now you can see what CAN happen.  I’ll be doing weigh ins every week and pictures every two weeks.

Again, I’m not really big on weight but what I really want to show you is my physique changes.  The scale may not be moving much but my physique could be completely different which is so important to me and to show you.

On Sunday I’ll check back in with the food I made for this week and the struggles I faced.
Make a little progress each day!


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