Path of Destruction (2 min, Click Here)

Path dependency – locked into a way of doing things, hoping an old solution will solve new problems.

Ex.) You just bought a brand new iPhone 7 Plus.

You’re in heaven and love the size of the screen but now you need to protect your investment.

You have your old phone case that fit an iPhone 4.

Do you try and use that case to fit the now bigger and wider iPhone 7 Plus?

Absolutely not!

You have a new problem so you need a new solution – buy a different case.

This makes perfect sense yet when you try and apply similar circumstances in a different setting, things aren’t this clear to us.

Ex.) In your early 20’s you got fit but now in your 30’s, 40’s etc. you’re a little overweight.

You want to lose weight but always just end up picking some sort of fad diet or other extreme weight loss plan to follow for a few weeks.

You should probably be more worried about a sustainable lifestyle vs. how good am I going to look for our beach trip in 6 weeks.

You can’t assume what worked for you before in the past, especially years ago, will work again.

You also shouldn’t assume what worked for this ONE person on the internet who’s now super fit, will necessarily work for you either.

Find out what works for you and share it with us 🙂

We’d love to discuss it and share with others.

Our global HEALTH is depending on it!

Have a fantastic day everyone!!


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