Everyday Erin – 4/25/17 (2 min, Click Here)


Nothing is better than the sunshine and a margarita on the rocks with salt on the rim.

Thursday, Cameron and I walked around Broadway at the Beach.

I know this may shock some of you if you’re familiar with the area because it’s a very popular tourist place with shops and food and we are about to hit peak tourist season.

No! We were not forced… LOL

We went on our own free will 😮  (Sigh… I know)It’s actually such a great place when you don’t feel obligated to go with visitors to do all of the toursity stuff.

Anywhoooooo, we sat at Key West Grill (small restaurant on the water) and had an amazing margarita. It was a gorgeous sunny day. We each only had one and then came home and cooked.

I made a pretty killer beet and beef stew 😉 I’ll share the recipe with you. I’m not a beet fan but LOVE it in stews.

So that one margarita was no big deal… right? Yeah absolutely! BUT THEN…..

Friday came.

We went to our good friends house. This amazing couple loves margaritas just as much as Cameron and I. We went over to their house…

we were sitting by the pool talking… when all of a sudden…

our friends come strolling outside with frozen margaritas in awesome cactus glasses.

You don’t pass up a margarita in a cactus glass.

I REPEAT, YOU DO NOT pass up a margarita in a cactus glass 🙂

Typically, when Cameron and I get margaritas we get light mixers…

or just tequila and lime.

These were frozen made with a delicious *sugary margarita mix.

We had two each, which was probably equivalent to,

like, six unicorn frappucinos 😀  HAHAHAHAHA

Just lol’ed at my own joke and slightly drooled… I’m so funny and embarrassing

That’s what we call a double threat… #Sorry not sorryBack to the point.

Were we mad about it?


We had an awesome time with great people.

We also made some sweet potato fries, green beans (my two fav sides) and pork on the grill. This meal was perfect with our margssss.

The next day we made sure we were under on our caloric intake for the day…. ESPECIALLY carbs and sugars and we made sure to get a killer workout in.

Now, it’s Sunday. Time to meal prep for the week and get back on track until the next cheat day of course!!!

Best. day. of. the. week. PERIOD.

Keep chipping away.

❤️ E

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