Are You Brewing Your Own Disaster? 

Waking up everyday seems to get harder and harder as we age.  It can also makes us rely on external factors to help us shake off the morning cobwebs and hit the ground running.
Some do it with morning walks or exercise, others with a hot/cold shower, but most of us tend to go for the big morning cup of joe.

According to an USA TODAY article posted in 2013, 83% of Americans make coffee apart of their everyday.  If you are one of these people a simple caffeine boosts can quickly turn into a surplus of calories, extra money spent and a big spoonful of sugar.

Here’s a few ways to cut the calories and to try and avoid a sugar crash to start your day.


1.) Straight Up.

Yes, I know.  I can hear the complaining already.  BUT… I don’t like black coffee.  Well then you probably don’t actually like coffee you like the cream and sugar in coffee.  And by the time you’re done adding all the stuff in, is it really coffee anymore?

I’ll leave that philosophical debate for later but a lot of places are now offering cold brews or nitro brews which can often taste a little better straight up.  This is the easiest way to make sure you aren’t consuming extra calories.

2.) Get Skinny With It.

If you’re on the go ask for the skinny version if you consume dairy.  This usually means they will use a non-fat milk to put in your coffee.  Typically the sugars will be lower in this milk and thus the total calories.  Make sure they don’t sneak in whip cream or other things which will add to your total calories back up.

3.) Make A Splash.

To get away from as much of the additives as possible, you can ask for a splash of almond milk or cocunut milk to add to your favorite coffee.  This way you still get a little flavor but at a lower calorie cost.  Just make sure you ask for the unsweetened versions if they are available.

4.) Menu Please.

Check out any of your favorite places online menu.  Larger companies typically have their menus online so you can actually see the calories and macro content of each drink.

Also, check and see if lighter versions of your favorite drink are an option.  If nothing else, ask the employees if they offer a lighter version or how close they could make one.

5.) Mushroo Coffee 

Now before you knock it, let me explain.  The company Four Sigmatic offers a coffee alternative.  Their goal is simple, to get people to consume superfoods like mushrooms for all of the added health benefits.  By combing coffee and mushrooms they have done just that.  They state their product won’t give you the coffee jitters nor will you crash afterwards.

Four Sigmatic offers different kinds of mushrooms mixes for different types of wants and needs.  For instance, their Stay Awake mushroom coffee comes packed with cordyceps and chaga mushroom to help you power through the day.

They come in small 1 serving packs and all you have to do is add the pack to water and mix.  We have bought all the different types and each one is great.  No jitters or crashes were experienced.

What do we do?

Most of our stuff is made at home using an expresso maker.  We tend to do an americano = expresso and water which for us is a double shot of expresso and 6oz of added water.

If we opt for coffee we make it using a percolator on the stove.  You can make a smooth tasting cup of coffee using any brand with this method (most of the time).

Usually, we drink our coffees as plain as possible.  If we do anything, it will most likely be a splash of unsweetened almond or coconut milk.

Hope this helps!

Want more information?  What do you wanna know about coffee?  How can we help?

Leave us a comment and we will get you the answers you want.

Get moving and then keep moving!

——————————————————————-Image: Bright and Early Coffee where you can get custom roasted whole bean coffee.  We have not personally used this site but it seems pretty cool!

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