To Eat or Not to Eat? – That Is The Question. (Click Here)


Have you ever heard not eating before a workout will burn more fat?  Well spoiler alert this myth has been debunked


I’m more interested in finding out why this myth started and how it’s evolved.

Could there be some truth to this?  Is this the result of a Ketogenic Diet?  Does pre-workout, amino acid or coffee drinks still count as fasting if consuming during the fast period?

With Ketogenic diets on the rise, more and more people I speak with are going into workouts fasted.  Is this in anyway healthy? Are they actually burning more fat or is it causing them harm?

Can the science be reversed?  When should some get his/her calories in before, during, and/or after a workout?  Is there a universal plan?

I KNOW… It’s a lot to take in.  You should care about this topic though because it’s extremely important to know these answers.  Whether your super serious about getting your pump on or just a casual 24/7 gym user, like me, you most likely want to maximize your time and effort involved in the gym.

Over the next few weeks we will be diving into this topic in bite size portions so we can discover these answers together.  Here’s a small segment from part 2.


“…This study compared cyclists who ate before a workout vs. those who did not and found the cyclist that did not eat beforehand burned 10% of their calories from protein including their own muscle mass.

Would you drive a car without gas? Use your iPhone without charging it? Nope and nope.” – Jillian Michlels

She suggests eating a meal about 45 minutes to an hour…”


I hope you’ll join us next week for the full part 2 where we start to take a deeper dive into this and more.

Now get out there, get moving and then keep moving!

Have a fantastic rest of your day everyone!!


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