Old McDonald Had a Farm… er’s Market (3 min)

Old McDonald had a Farm…er’s Market


And at that farmer’s market he had uh… Well just about anything you could want and it’s awesome!


While my music writing days may be over, for the past two weekends Cameron and I have been going to a Farmer’s Market in Fort Pierce, Florida we discovered shortly after moving to Port Saint Lucie. Florida.

This is definitely one of our new favorite things to do here!
We can’t wait to share some gems with you every week we find. Last week, Cameron told you about Kombucha. I started drinking two ounces every morning on an empty stomach and love it. Every Saturday we get our little jugs refilled for the week and are good to go. So cute, I know 😛
I made it my mission to try a new fruit every week. Last week was dragonfruit and this week was lychee.  These strawberries with hair looking things taste great and have some fantastic health benefits, including antioxidant properties.
Cameron was hungry when we were walking around…. SHOCK 😛
We came across this booth that had fresh smoked salmon.
My absolute favorite part of this weekend was this bakery we came across, Importico’s Bakery Cafe. (www.importicosbakerycafe.com)
Ya’ll know I love me some pastry’s but this place made me feel guilt free. Looking at these picture’s you probably can’t believe that.
 img_3533They had all organic, gluten-free treats and breads. Cameron and I split a chocolate cherry power bar made with oats and nuts, SO GOOD. I need to figure out how to recreate that.
They also had a zucchini brownie (which we are totally getting next week). Cam’s dad got a sourdough bread (not healthy haha). I didn’t have any, but next week I plan on getting their spelt bread which was recommended for our organic loving selves.
So many amazing things happening to share with you. I recommend if you have a farmer’s market near you, GO! It’s not only so fun but you can find some amazing things that are good for your body.
BUT BEWARE! Just because you are at a farmer’s market doesn’t mean everything is good for you.  For instance:
1.) Just because it’s homemade doesn’t mean it’s any better for you than store bought.  Ask them what ingredients they used and if these are fresh, frozen, or other.
2.) If it says organic, that’s a good heads up but still the same rules above apply.  Make sure no preservatives are added unless you don’t care about that.
3.) Organic doesn’t mean gluten free.  We try and avoid gluten but just because it’s organic doesn’t mean it’s not there.
4.) Food trucks, canned goods, and similar things can look tempting but also can be packed with these preservatives or vegetable oils.  Again, just because someone made it doesn’t always mean they are going for the healthiest option.
5.) Talk with the vendors.  Within seconds you can tell who’s passionate about what they do and who’s out there just trying to make $$$.  Either or maybe both is perfectly fine but we tend to buy from the really passionate people because you know what they said is in there is… well, hopefully!
We will have posts as we continue through the summer with more tips and tricks for you so you know what to get for your optimal health.
Fuel your body right.
❤ E

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