Wednesday Nutrition Hack: Simple Hangover Remedy

With most people celebrating this weekend or next week for Independence Day, SFP wanted to make sure you had a plan in case you wake up the next morning feeling like fireworks are still going off in your head.  Depending on several factors, even just a few beers or glasses of wine can leave us with that “foggy” feeling the next day so, we have a simple at home remedy for you.

It’s important to remember hydration is key.  Water is your friend in times of hangovers but things like coconut water can be a great addition too.  Our nutrition hack to hangovers though is none other than… Matcha Tea.

What is Match Tea?  

Matcha Tea is a form of green tea using the whole leaf from the green tea plant instead of a portion.  By grinding up the actual tea leaves for use, Matcha Tea contains more ECGCs (catechins), polyphenols (tannins) and L-Theanine (amino acid) than green tea.  This leads to an increase in antioxidants, more micronutrients, and the L-Theanine increase may improve creativity, learning, and memory.

 “All together, matcha contains 137 times more antioxidants than green tea.”  –

How To Make Matcha. 

A cup of tea before all the raging begins to protect your body and a cup the next morning to help it recover seems like a great idea.  You can mix as little as 1 teaspoon in 1/2 cup water and take it down like a shot or add in other flavors like lemons, ginger, spinach, etc. and make a whole concoction.

Here’s two recipes from Teaologists that will help get you off the couch and out the door the next morning.

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of Matcha with some coconut water and a pinch of salt. This will give you relief from headaches, thanks to Matcha’s caffeine. You will be re-hydrated by the coconut water and salt.
  • Therapeutic Matcha Smoothie – to make this, you need about 2 teaspoons of Matcha, 2 cups of water, a mango (a pear will also do), 1 slice of ginger, about 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 1 cup of kale or spinach. Blend all the ingredients and add honey/banana to taste. Add ice if you want or refrigerate the whole thing in a mason jar. Drink it throughout the day and the hangover will be gone for good.

You can buy matcha tea almost anywhere but according to…

“Tea experts also warn that with matcha quality is key, and it comes at a cost. In other words, high quality, fresh, pure matcha is expensive. A low price tag can be a red flag for a poor quality product.” —

… the DEAL may not be worth it.  This is one thing where you want to look for fresh, quality ingredients just like all other foods you eat over the knock off super savings.


We’ve all woken up the next day, rolled out of bed, and grabbed a slice of pizza or headed to a local burger joint.  Although tempting, be sure and stay away from fried foods the next day because it can worsen symptoms and irritate the gut.  What should you look for instead?

  • Eggs
    • Contain cystein and taurine.  Cystein helps breakdown acetaldehyde (why you have a headache) and taurine boosts live function
  • Bananas, dates, leafy greens
    • High in potassium (electrolyte) and can be depleted during a hard night out
  • Oats
    • Contains minerals like calcium and iron and can help neutralize stomach acid

Final Word

Matcha tea does contain about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee which can sometimes make headaches and your body feel worse due to further dehydration, among other things.  So, be aware of the whole process.  The antioxidant affects outweigh the caffeine side affects for us but make your own decision and do your own homework.

Try it and see what happens!  I’ve read several articles and spoke with a few tea nerds and they all agree.  It works.  Let us know if you try it.  Did it work or make you at least, feel better?  Leave us a comment below or on our social media pages (links at bottom) to get this conversation going.

Happy Training!



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