Welcome to the SOL FIT Project website.

Here you will find all types of information for a healthier and hopefully, happier lifestyle.  We have a no BS attitude so you can rest easy knowing the information here is all about what works vs. what’s a load of BS from someone trying to sell you something. WE thought it was about time someone laid it out straight.  We are here for one reason only, YOU.  We want to provide you with all the information you actually want, just giving you the facts.

What exactly is SOL FIT PROJECT?

SOL FIT Project was founded by Cameron Sulsona “LC” in January 2017 with the simple goal of providing genuine information about Life, Nutrition, Fitness, aka health. However, SOL FIT Project is much more than a blog, a workout routine, funny quotes, discussions on cooking, or a diet regiment. It’s a powerful statement for the betterment of humanity that WE want you to wear proudly like a shield.  We hope you are ready for a incredible adventure with us!


SOL is a play on Cam’s last name (actually spelled Solsona way back when) and also the feeling we all have from the health and fitness industry in general.  Daily we feel S.O.L. (shit-out-of-luck) with so many conflicting studies, articles, and professionals telling us we should be doing this workout routine and eating this type of diet.  Then the next day another professional comes in with their data and completely contradicts the other professional.  Shouldn’t we all agree somewhere about something?

To us, SOL means taking a stand and becoming aware of everything going on around you.  We have flipped the feeling all the big companies gave us by trying to sell us gimmicks and BS to squeeze every dollar out of us possible.  SOL means you are seeking more from a brand and team.  You want the truth and you truly want to optimize your health.  Isn’t this what everyone should be striving for, to help mankind achieve a greater state of health and not just buy a new piece of exercise equipment?

This is why pretty much everything on our site is free.  The only time we actually request a payment is when we have to devote significant time to something as in, a specific training or meal plan.  This is because meal plans and training regiments require a lot of our time and constant attention to make sure you get the best results possible.

If noting else is accomplished with this site, we hope you will see from our blogs and social media posts, life’s not perfect.  We struggle each and every day just like you with tons of stuff.  We know some things are out of our control but we also know with proper planning, a lot of errors can be avoided.  If contingency plans are put in place, bouncing back after a fall is so much easier.

We hope you enjoy all this site has to offer and always feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback whenever they came to mind!


Thanks for joining us!

SFP Team