Equilibrium – Late 2017

Restore your body back to a fully functioning machine.

We give a 30-Day FREE workout experience using just your body weight.  This isn’t because we believe our workouts are superior or going to kick your ass, but instead, realize the importance of learning the fundamentals correctly.  If you master these movements, then Equilibrium Phase 2 will be fantastic!

Workouts will be added weekly so you can either stream or download them.  Again, we in no way think our workouts, nor anyone else’s are superior workouts.  We believe you just have to find a type you like and give it a shot.  Also, finding a group that’s encouraging and supportive is so important especially, in the beginning.  Equilibrium is programmed to give you the tools to succeed for the next 20 years not the next 21 days as in challenges. 

Nutritional Help: Different foods effect different people in different ways.  We do not recommend one specific diet, although standards are put in place.  Also, we will send you recipes, tips, and tricks that help us out each and every day.

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