We have amazing programs on the way for you.  Everyone is so excited to get them going and for you to start reaching you goals!!

What is the LAB?  The LAB portion is simply where our workout programs will be.  The LAB is just what we think of each time we hit the garage, gym, or Mother Nature’s floor ready to get our workout in.  We are there to fine tune and create a better version of ourselves in more ways than just muscular tone.

So, what’s exactly is going on In The LAB?




30-DAY CHALLENGE – Fall 2017

Restore your body back to a fully functioning machine.  This is a FREE Challenge for all who want to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  Workouts will be e-mailed daily so you can either follow along through a video or at your own pace.  We will also make suggestions for different diets based on your wants and needs.  Different foods effect different people different ways.  We do not recommend one specific diet, although standards are put in place.  Also, we will send you recipes, tips and tricks that help us out each and every day.

WEDDING FIT – Fall 2017

Do you or someone you know have the big day coming up in the near future?  Wanna look your best on your special day and feel great for the rest of your lives together?

This is not a “get fit” quick gimmick.  We want to show you how to get in great shape and stay that way through simple methods.  The program is a minimum of 12 weeks for these reasons but don’t worry, SFP will show you the way!

  • Meal Prepping
  • Macro Guide
  • Easy Recipes
  • Motivation, Encouragement, & Support
  • Flexible workout schedules

*NEITHER of these programs are a “get fit then quit” program.  We want to teach you the basics of what we do and how we got where we are.  This doesn’t happen overnight but just making one small change over time can lead into making two changes, which can lead into forming a habit, to then create a lifestyle change and awareness.

FIT IV BIZZ – Spring 2018

Are you looking for the ultimate team building experience?  Do you want to let loose and have some fun for a few hours with your employees, while learning about making conscious health decisions?  Well look no further than FIT IV BIZZ.

We want to share our successes with you and your business while providing a fun and inviting atmosphere to get your blood flow moving and your mind forever expanding.  More details will be released in the Winter of 2017!