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Every second our body is trying to establish equilibrium through 37 thousand billion billion chemical reactions.  Just let that sink in for a second.  In that second 37 thousand billion billion chemical reactions just occurred.




while you’re walking to the mailbox,


you get the picture…

your body is constantly trying to find a set point.  Where it’s happy.

Over time your equilibrium will change so we have to adjust accordingly.  Daily activity, food intake, environment, stress levels, etc.  all affect your equilibrium significantly.  This is why when you hear the statement “find what works for you” (as you roll your eyes), is 100 thousand billion billion % correct.

Equilibrium is just another way to think about the bodies metabolism.  Metabolism is the sum of all the reactions in the body while equilibrium is the point at which the input = the outputs.  This doesn’t mean the reactions stop here but a point at which the forward and reverse reactions are happening at the same rate.

We have two main INCREDIBLE challenges per year.

These challenges are part of a much larger picture and meant to teach you tools to last a life time.  EQ-37 is NOT a generic, fast attempt to get fit and quit.  When people take drastic measure to lose weight the results aren’t usually what they anticipated and can even have sever consequences.

Sometimes these consequence can result in regaining the weight lost once you stop doing the extreme workout routine or diet plan.  Instead, why not give this program a try because this time you have the secrete weapon… A TEAM!

I invite you to join a fantastic community of others who are tired of being S.O.L. as well. We all get stuck, frustrated, and just plain fed up with BS in our everyday lives, let alone, trying to deal with all of the confusion in the health, nutrition, and fitness world. Our community is a network of supporting, caring, and eager individuals who want to learn and share ideas, tips, tricks, and so much more.

Ladies, you can join the join the notification list here: @ EQ-37-Athena and Fellas can join the notification list here @ EQ-37-Hercules for updates on the next challenge.  You’ll also get this month’s super helpful freebie just for doing so.  There’s always a 24-hour pre-sale list to have the option to get the challenge discounted at an insane, 30% OFF! You can also, always e-mail me with any questions cameron@solfitproject.com.


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Side Note: if you’d like more information on our Equilibrium Program which takes nutrition, exercise, and accountability to a whole other level and if you qualify, Women can join the join the notification list here: @EQ-37-Athena and Men can join the notification list here @EQ-37-Herculesto be notified of the next challenge.


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