Hello You!  Welcome to the SOL FIT Project.

We are so AMPED you’ve stopped by! This is a how to guide so you can understand exactly who, what, when, where, and why.  To many sites get overly complicated, offering several different things with several different options.  We don’t do that here.  Instead, we specialize in a few, specific things.  Let us explain.

1.) Who are We? About Us.

Here you will find all types of information for a healthier and hopefully, happier lifestyle.  We have a no BS attitude so you can rest easy knowing the information here is all about what works vs. what’s a load of BS from someone trying to sell you something. WE thought it was about time someone laid it out straight.  We are here for one reason only, YOU.  We want to provide you with all the information you actually want, just giving you the facts.

What exactly is SOL FIT PROJECT?

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2.) What is the Lab?

The LAB is everywhere.  It’s how we imagine every workout session.  Each time we hit the garage, gym, or Mother Nature’s floor, we picture the surrounding area as a lab where we create, imagine, and defy the possibilities of human capabilities.

This sets the tone to flip the switch to focus your precise time on your workout session.  In that moment, we are trying to fine tune our body, mind and SOL to create a version of ourselves greater than before.

Under the homepage tab you will find 3 LABS.

  1. Workout Lab = Equilibrium
  2. Cooking Lab  = Gravity Bites
  3. Mind Lab       = Perception

Once you understand what each of these ease you will rarely spend time on any other part of the site.  If you are looking for your workout, you will proceed to the Workout Lab Tab.  If you are looking for a meal prep or baking recipe then you will go to the cooking lab section.  And if you are looking for some breath work, calm and relaxing stretches, or just some chill time then head over to the Mind Lab.

We’ve tried to make this as easy as possible and very straight forward.  If you do get lost or need some help, please never hesitate to contact us via social media, e-mail, or our Contact Us Page.


3.) What are we offering? Services.

Since you are new, I’m going to make this so easy for ya.  All you have to do is sign-up for Equilibrium HERE.  This link will also explain to you what exactly we are going to provide to you and why.  We are not a get fit quick gimmick.  We are instead, a people first organization built to help your optimize your daily routine with a healthier lifestyle.  That’s it, plain and simple.

It’s Free and lasts for 30 Days.

This guide will teach you the fundamental movements and how to properly use your body with all exercising being body weight. Even if you are an experienced lifter, this is a great refresher course and a must participate for the next phase.  Click Here!

At this point most people start rolling their eyes because they are waiting for the catch.  But… there isn’t one here.  We’ve been in this industry over a decade now and seen the good, bad, and ugly it has to offer.  This is why we decided to take this simple, yet effective approach with Equilibrium.

All we are selling is listed below but I don’t even want you thinking about that right now.  Just worry about getting your body, mind, and SOL ready for the next 30-days.  It’s going to be awesome!

*I don’t want you getting caught up in the details but I would like for you to know where this could potentially go.

  1. After completion you will enter Equilibrium Phase 2 if you choose to do so which involves adding in some things like weights and movement variations, if needed.
  2. After your 90 Day Mark, you are promoted to Warrior and become eligible for Faction.
  3. After your 180 Day Mark, you are promoted to Spartan and become eligible for Personal Training with one of our Elite Coaches, if you choose to do so and can now become a Team Captain.
  4. At the 1 year mark you are promoted to Elite.  At this point you become eligible for Team SOL FIT Project and can help us by becoming a larger part of our project!   We can’t do it alone.  We need you!


Equilibrium – Late 2017

Restore your body back to a fully functioning machine.

We give a 30-Day FREE workout experience using just your body weight.  This isn’t because we believe our workouts are superior or going to kick your ass, but instead, realize the importance of learning the fundamentals correctly.  If you master these movements, then Equilibrium Phase 2 will be fantastic!

Workouts will be added weekly so you can either stream or download them.  Again, we in no way think our workouts, nor anyone else’s are superior workouts.  We believe you just have to find a type you like and give it a shot.  Also, finding a group that’s encouraging and supportive is so important especially, in the beginning.  Equilibrium is programmed to give you the tools to succeed for the next 20 years not the next 21 days as in challenges. 

Nutritional Help: Different foods effect different people in different ways.  We do not recommend one specific diet, although standards are put in place.  Also, we will send you recipes, tips, and tricks that help us out each and every day. Click Here.


LOOK AHEAD: Future offerings

Party-On! Faction – Winter-2017/Early 2018

FIT IV BIZZ – Summer 2018

Are you looking for the ultimate team building experience?  Do you want to let loose and have some fun for a few hours with your employees, while learning about making health conscious decisions for a better work day?  Well look no further than FIT IV BIZZ.

We want to share our successes with you and your business while providing a fun and inviting atmosphere to get your blood flow moving and your mind forever expanding.

Contact us today and we will be in touch within 24 hours!


Also check out the FAQs Page to answer any other questions you may have at this point!