Party-On! Faction.

Become and intricate part of a team and help plant their flag in Faction History.

We are kicking things up a notch from

Equilibrium. Instead of being with the masses, you will join smaller groups of individuals that are like minded with your current goals.  You will also be given group session time to chat with one of your coaches instead of the one-hour roulette.

This means more time for you to focus on what’s really important to you.

This will begin 100 days after Equilibrium is started.  You are required to have been a member of Equilibrium for a minimum of 100 days to participate in Faction.  This ensures to us you are committed and have chosen a healthier lifestyle.  The other people in your group are depending on you for support and guidance too.

You are always able to switch factions but we recommend at least 30 days of trying out anything new just to see what can really work for your body!

Are you ready to choose your FACTION?


Party-On! For actual parties.

Do you or someone you know have the big day coming up in the near future?  Wanna look your best on your special day and feel great for the rest of your lives together?

This is a special offer for wedding parties to go head-to-head and have some fun looking his/her best for that special day.

This is not a “get fit” quick gimmick.  We want to show you how to get in great shape and stay that way through simple methods.  The program is a minimum of 12 weeks for these reasons but don’t worry, SFP will show you the way!

Packages start out at $790 with a minimum of 10 combined happy 🙂 and willing participants.

Ready? Grab your party and let’s GO!

  • Meal Prepping
  • Macro Guide
  • Easy Recipes
  • Motivation, Encouragement, & Support
  • Flexible workout schedules