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What is the Workout Lab?

The LAB is everywhere.  It’s how we imagine every workout session.  Each time we hit the garage, gym, or Mother Nature’s floor, we picture the surrounding area as a lab where we create, imagine, and defy the possibilities of human capabilities.

The lab is where you are going to see a major difference.  The Lab is your kitchen, it’s where you workout, and it’s even where you find peace and relax.

The LAB to us, is where we make our adjustments to try and perfect our own unique formula.  IT’s the HOW and WHY you are going to see a major difference.  Our bodies are one giant beaker of chemical reactions constantly taking place (37.2 trillion per second).

What we do, eat, feel, think, and act all cause actions and reactions to take place.

The fatigue after a rough night of sleep, the reward after a great workout session and yes even the hangry feelings are all chemical reactions taking place right now in your body.  It’s also why you feel great after a doughnut, only to be ready for a nap an hour later.

To truly be healthy, you have to realize your mind, SOL, and body all work together to
balance the reactions that are constantly taking place.  What’s on one side of the equation must be on the other.  In other words, equilibrium.

This sets the tone to flip the switch to focus your precise time on your workout session. In that moment, we are trying to fine tune our body, mind and SOL to create a version of ourselves greater than before.  You will also find the workouts for the current week as well as previous ones from the past.  This was if you’re feeling like round 2, we got you covered!

Check out the short workout sample at the bottom of the page!